Friday, March 11, 2011


<<<Dude. That is hella flames. Like there has seriously got to be a lot of flames. IM MELTING. oh wait. Where's that from. Batman? yea its gotta be Batman. GOD! PLEASE. BE quite!>>>

Chesha peak Mental ward 3:00 A.M.//// lock down debriefing
Subject: Ronald "Natty" Broski

Video monitors record Natty exciting his room alone at 12;00A.M. after Evening MED call Co min later all video feeds were lost. Around 2:00 am the 4 night staff were found dead with gaping holes in the throats. The lacerations found on the bodies are to Sporadic to have been human.....

Sirens blare drowning out the screams of the patients of CHesha peak as it burns to the ground.

<<<  I'm so hot. Smokin. Look at the way the cute ticket attendent stares. How her eyes spark with horror as the flames continue to consume the food trailer. Hot dogs. Chared. Just how I like it. THe ensuing chaos an panic send me into rapture. I i can see is red. beautiful red. then. Nothing